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The 5 Best Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices – Making Your Home Smarter

Your home is your castle. It is your everything, and you do everything to make it the best. You get the best of the furniture, the best of the appliance. Spends hours and even days on deciding the color of the room and the style of the curtains. We make sure that our home is the talk of every party and so we do whatever it takes to make it desirable.

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Homes over a century have evolved, in terms of design shape and sizes, with a constant focus on making them cosier and comfortable. The latest trend, however, is smart homes. What are smart homes? Homes that simply take convenience to a whole new level. This is made possible through smart home devices, with different functionalities.

Here are some of the most popular Smart Home Devices,

  • Smart Sensors

The Smart Sensor is the king of all home automation devices. It gives access to all the intelligent features. Smart sensors can sense and coordinate functions with your appliances. They are fitted on a wall and do not disturb any wiring. It directly gets connected to the appliances, and direct them to work smartly.

There are different types of sensors, such as light sensors, motion sensors and temperature sensors. Say you had a long day at work, how about you come to a cool room ?. The temperature sensors adjusts the room temperature in accordance with the one outside. The sensors when combined can work magic. For instance the motion sensor senses your presence or absence in the room and the light sensors can switch the lights on or off before you.

  • IP Camera

The IP cameras are a basic element in many homes. But in smart homes, they do more than streaming. With DEFT (a sophisticated smart home automater) you will get a notification on your smartphone if it detects any unusual behavior. The perks of having a smart security system are limitless, and you know this when you most need it.

  • Energy Monitor

The electricity bills today are sky high. Especially during summer seasons when we need your A.Cs to work most of the time. Now, a smart home automation system can provide a energy monitor. This energy monitor surveys all the appliances in the house and notes the energy (electricity) consumption.

It maintains a standard CR (consumption rate) for every appliance and evaluates each one accordingly. If it detects an anomaly, it immediately notifies the owner. The appliance can therefore be repaired or replaced.

  • Remote Controlled Water Sprinkler

This water sprinkler is just like any other water sprinkler, except this can work from your phone. Say you are on a vacation 3000 miles away from your home. You need not worry about your plants dying, all you need to do is take out your smartphone and send care to your garden through internet.

  • Curtain Controller

Imagine waking up to the 7 am sunshine, probably the most natural way to do it. The curtain can not only open from your smartphone but you can also schedule it to open at the time you want it to. Some say, the alarms are outdated and they might just be. Waking up in the morning was never this fun.

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Smart home automation of Homeone Technologies is truly smart as all these smart devices are combined to work with one main device, that is DEFT.  DEFT is a brilliantly crafted home automation mechanism by Homeone; that integrates light, temperature, motion and occupancy sensors along with other smart home devices to provide powerful, reliable and a secure platform for home automation.

It is important to select the right home automation that is truly smart and includes all smart home devices.

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