Into the Smart Era of Home Automation Applications

Have you ever been mesmerized by a house in some party? It makes you wonder, what might take to turn your house into something like that. Well, It’s simple and you don’t need a deep pocket. DEFT is the answer. It is the best home automation system around, here is why –

The retrofit feature will save you from the hassles of any home renovation. No drilling, no rewiring, no shifting only smart fitting. Call Home one for installation, 60 mins hence .. you have a home that runs from your smartphone. It is that easy.With DEFT installed, you can get a wide array of things done. 

Here are some Home Automation Applications:home automation applications


DEFT can change the lighting to set a party mood. This will definitely draw eyes, don’t you agree? Had enough of ‘Kenny G’. Simply name the song your friend wants to hear and bang! your guests are impressed.

DEFT takes over your appliances. From switching on your fan and TV to heating your water, it does it all. In Fact, it controls 999 such appliances.

It is morning and you have to get ready for work. It will toast your bread, boil eggs,cold press the juice, and brew coffee the way you like it. But even then we apologise, you will have to spread the jam yourself.

Coming home from shopping, you have a lot of bags along with the phone in hand. No more digging and searching for keys. Unlock the door with a simple touch on your phone. Keys are a thing of the past, trust us.

Plan a vacation to Shimla without worrying about your home. the smart surveillance feature on DEFT sees to that. It captures any suspicious behaviour outside the door and send you the snap. If you do not know the person, dial one hundred. Oh! and while you are away, you can water your plants too. the sprinkler controller gives your plants the love they deserve.

Smart home sensors integrated with DEFT deliver the ultimate experience. The motion sensor and the occupancy sensor understand your presence in the room. Combined with the light sensor, it will turn on the lights when you enter and switch off when you leave. Saves electricity bill whilst looking cool.

29, 32 or 27? No more struggling to find the right temperature. Sensors can understand the outside temperature and adjust the A.C to make you comfortable.

We earn, we save, we spend. All for a better living, and home automation is justy that. It is about upgrading your lifestyle.

At Home one, we like to keep up with technology, and so all our features work on voice command as well. Unlike other home automation devices in the market, DEFT comes with a brain of its own. A.I (Artificial Intelligence) records user patterns and modifies behaviour as per your needs. A home that understands you.

With DEFT installed, you are ready to host the next party.


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