Home Automation for Elderly and Disabled

Home Automation at its Best

Arguments can be made about the usage of smart homes, but no one can deny its usefulness in conditions where you have elderly or disabled parents. Home automation has an instantly elevated value here. The crux of smart homes is security and convenience, with smart sensors, appliance automaters, smartphone integration and much more DEFT is just that.


All our lives we have seen our parents work hard and have shape our homes. They have been an example to us, which we have followed all our lives. Though it is a start for us in the world, they have seen everything which we are yet to. They need us, now more than ever. Let’s make sure we are there for them.


Home automation is being implemented into more and more homes of older adults and people with disabilities in order to maintain their independence and safety. Smart homes allow older adults and people with disabilities to stay in their homes where they feel comfortable, instead of moving to a costly health care facility.


For the disabled, smart homes give them opportunity for independence, which will help them gain confidence and determination. Smart homes can provide both older adults and people with disabilities with many features like security, emergency services and more.


You no longer have to wonder if your parents are ok, you have live feed to their home at all times. The smart security feature on deft notifies you even when there is abnormal motion in front of the house, so you can take preventive measures. It enables you to be proactive rather than reactive.

These systems allow the individual to feel secure in their homes knowing that help is only minutes away. Smart home systems will make it possible for family members to monitor their loved ones from anywhere with an internet connection.


DEFT provides profuse volume of features besides security that come in handy especially when you have retired parents at home. Smart sensors like light, temperature and motion sensors make live so much easier. When combined, the light and motion sensors can turn on the light and turn off the same behind you, that means your parents do not need to worry about remembering to switch off the lights.


DEFT is seamlessly integrated with your smartphones that drastically reduces the efforts to be put in for everyday use. About 999 appliances can be automated which means your parents can conveniently turn on the lights, fans, TV or any other appliances while relaxing on the couch.

DEFT is truly a must have home automation for elderly.

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