Home Automation, A Need Or A Luxury ?

Life in the fast lane needs technology that helps you cope with the speed. Hence, the need for home automation is felt. Home automation makes your home smarter and saves you time, while giving a comfortable experience.

We have all become very busy lately. The tiring 9 to 6 jobs which extends to 7 and at times  even 8, drain out the energy. Often when we return home, having travelled a long time during rush hour, we find small things that need working on. Small things, yet time consuming. Working round the clock, we miss out on so many things that matter.

And amidst the hurricane of these tasks, we hardly have some time for ourselves. Naturally we do not prefer to spend it on things that we don’t like, and it is fair enough.

Technology since its inception has fascinated many. However, the common misconception about technology is that, it is used for bigger things than us. Well, not really.

“ The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t even really notice it, so it’s a part of everyday life. ” – Bill Gates.

Technology is here to make our life simple. We invented cars so we could travel faster, internet so we could connect further, computers so we could work better. Similarly we invented home automation to live smarter.

Home automation is about turning your home into a smart one. A home smart enough to understand you, to reduce your efforts. That means curtains open when you wake up, water is heated while you brush and your coffee is brewed while you shower. Now that is technology used, right!Sound Sensor

Deft, the brilliantly crafted home automation mechanism by Homeone is just that, and more. It integrates all home devices to work from your smartphone. That means no getting up to switch on the fans or lights. No need to go to the kitchen again and again to check on the gas. And certainly no need to get up to check on the door.

Did you know? you can water your garden from your living room. The smart sensors sense your presence in the room to adjust the temperature and lights accordingly.  And these are voice controlled, so that means you can just ask your home to switch on the TV and it will.

Besides making the experience comfortable, it saves time. With home automation you get precious time that you can spend doing things that matter, like cherishing your loved ones. As easy as it may sound, this time is really difficult to get in the real world.

In conclusion, we think it is safe to say that home automation is a need more than it is a luxury.


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