Is a lock enough to secure your home? People are using Advanced Home Automation Security

In today’s world where security concerns are sky high, the need for home automation security is more than ever. Home automation not only makes your home smart but most importantly secure. These include combining IP surveillance cameras and smart sensors that detect motion with your smart phones. Home automation surveillance is the need of the hour and here is why-

Your home is truly your own and keeping it safe and secure has always been a priority.

Home Automation Security

The biggest concern anywhere today is security. In a world where multiple robberies are registered in every town and every village, how secure is really secure? and what are we doing about it? Whether we choose to accept it or not, these are the real questions we face.

If your home is not smart enough to react in times of distress, you have something to worry about. Say you have a 3′ year old at home and you have to rush to the supermarket. will you be able to do it, knowing you have no control over the situation during the time. Can you trust a lock for your child’s security? A smart surveillance system, that monitors movement is sure to come in handy here. This small yet smart retrofitted camera captures the footage inside and outside your home. It not only notifies you when someone rings the bell, but also sends you a picture. Turn on the live feed, to see what your kid is upto. Take back control, with smart home automation security.

home security

And it is for everyone.

Your parents have been there for you, protected you from all possible dangers. Now it is your turn to do the same. But, how?  In this busy life we hardly get time for anything. With DEFT, it is possible to know what they need at any point of time, using only your smartphones. It also makes the house secure, relieving them from the fear of intrusion. And don’t worry, it only takes them a few touches to get used to. DEFT allows you to look after them the way they looked after you.

Install DEFT to be connected and always be there for them.

In order to match everyone’s needs, HomeOne Technologies provide the most sophisticated surveillance system, DEFT. It is a smart home automation device that provides a meaningful solution to all security concerns. It has sensors that detect motion, light and occupancy to suggest presence of anyone in that area. Along with smart features of sensor, appliance, and energy control it comes with an extremely perceptive surveillance element. The camera which is integrated with the hub, can recognize strange on its own and alert the owner. It is indeed a system that understands you and adds value to your life. Once set up, you can always leave your home with a peace of mind knowing it’s in safe hands.

HomeOne Technologies, defining security.

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