5 Smart Home Sensors that make your Home a ‘Smart Home’

Here is a list of the most essential Smart Home Sensors that are a must in any smart home today. In this, we compare & evaluate which home sensors are most useful for you. Also, you will get to know about Smartest home automation device which integrates these Home Automation Sensors.

With smartphones playing a vital part in our lives, everything is integrated with it. Then why should your homes be any different? Connecting smart sensors to your smartphone is a ‘walk in the park’ task. With your smartphone connected, a click can blend your home devices into working miracles. Today, smart home sensors in home automation devices are putting convenience at the core of our lifestyle.  A touch on the screen will brew your morning coffee, turn on your geyser, open/shut your curtains and similarly enable you to use about a thousand more home appliances. All this is made possible with understanding the environment around, and that is where the sensors come into play.

Various smart home sensors perform various functions. Here we have listed the TOP 5 Smart Home Sensors that are must in your home automation devices.

      1) Light Sensor:

Light Sensor



We start our list with perhaps the most basic sensor of them all, the light sensor. Did you leave in a hurry and forget to switch off the lights? The light sensor automatically senses the light being on for a while and switches it off saving you that bloating electricity bill.

     2)  Temperature Sensor:

Always struggling to get that right temperature? well not anymore. If you have this sensor, it will compare the room temperature to the outside temperature and set the one that makes you the most comfortable. This sensor really ingrains that genuine comfortable sense of being at home.

     3)  Motion Sensor:

Motion Sensor

3rd on our list is the motion sensor. Similar to the one in your kid’s Xbox Kinect or Wii, this sensor senses motion to detect any activity in the range. This sensor, when integrated with the light sensor, delivers smart feature of closing the lights behind you while you change rooms. Talk about electricity savings!

      4)  Sound Sensor:

Sound Sensor

You can now leave your loving pets alone at home when you go out, knowing you are just a notification away. The sound sensor will trigger a message in case of a distress signal from them. Sound sensors are a must if you are often on the move and need constant updates from your loved ones at home. It comes with an added benefit of making your home look cool.  And Finally,

       5)  Occupancy Sensor:

Last but not the least, is the Occupancy sensor. It is a tailored motion sensor that only recognises human body by sensing a temperature between 89 Fahrenheit to 99 Fahrenheit (37 Degree Celsius).  This eliminates the possibilities of sensing any pets or movable objects, thus making it more relevant and useful. This sensor really understands you!

Even though available separately, these sensors make perfect sense when combined with a home automation device into delivering the ultimate solution to all comfort needs. DEFT for example, the brilliantly crafted home automation mechanism by Homeone, integrates the light, temperature, motion and occupancy sensors to provide powerful, reliable and a secure platform of home automation. In DEFT, these smart home sensors are interlinked by C.O.R.E. (Cognitive Organisational Rule Engine) to perform seamlessly smart actions. Combining the temperature sensor data with the occupancy sensor data to switch on the A.C at the required time and at the right temperature is one of the many examples of such combinations made possible by Homeone Technologies.

What makes home sensors at DEFT so ‘SMART’?

Experts at Homeone Technologies say, “They are the equivalent of sensory organs in a human body, without which the person is lost”.  DEFT’s smart home sensors possess the capacity to record 1 GB of user data per week and come with a range of 110 Degrees up to 12 meters. As opposed to any other sensors, the sensors at Homeone is of state of the art technology that only senses human interface and no other object. Therefore it reduces the chances of raising false alarm which are otherwise quite common. Sensors here can also modify its performance based on recording user behaviour and patterns over a period of time.

Now that’s smart. Now that’s Homeone.


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