Top 5 Benefits of Home Automation for Women in Today’s Era

“Technology is for men !” … this is probably the most exaggerated statements out there today. Women may not be into home theaters or the PlayStation, but home automation, now that is a different story altogether. Home automation is designed to wow men and women alike. Thus, we can say that Home Automation for Women is the need of time in today’s Era.Sound Sensor

In contrast to our regressive thoughts, women have made tremendous progress in every field, and technology is no exception. Women use technology to optimum. In fact, there are a few features on DEFT that are more utilitarian to women than men. Yes, and before we tell you how, let us brief you a little about DEFT.

DEFT is a brilliantly crafted home automation mechanism by Homeone; That integrates light, temperature, motion and occupancy sensors to provide powerful, reliable and a secure platform for home automation.

This is how home automation is for women –

1) Save bill

We know that women give more thoughts to optimizing and getting the most out of anything. The energy monitor on DEFT sees to it. The energy monitor notifies the user which appliance is using an unusually high voltage of power so that she can take immediate action in replacing it.

2) Keep an eye on kids and the house.

There is no need to say how protective moms are about their children. If technology can show her what the kids are doing at all times and ensure their safety, then it is the most useful technology for her, period.  This technology is nothing but the smart surveillance of DEFT. It allows the user to access the live feed of their house to see a real-time view.

Men go to work. Women too go to work, worrying about their homes. Smart surveillance not only allows her live feed of the house but, also alerts her about probable danger situations. If there is any unusual activity detected in front of the door, DEFT automatically triggers an alarm on the smartphone of the user. With this, she can keep her peace of mind.

3) Change mood lighting

DEFT allows you to change your room lighting according to your mood. Say you have got a romantic surprise planned for your husband, all you have to do to set an atmosphere is say “I’m in a romantic mood”. Lights adjust accordingly and the most melodious songs from your playlist start playing.

Light Sensor

4) Hassle free

Women are busy most of the time and typically they do not prefer to deal with electronics unless they have to. Home automation has got smarter along the way. DEFT once installed, within 30 mins, has zero downtime. That means she does not have to make any complaints calls regarding the performance of it. Install it and forget it.

5) Perfect end to the day

Women work longer days than we know. Most women often take care of the house along with working in an office. Returning home from such a long days begs for a reward. And automatic temperature controlled room is the gift. Imagine returning tired, to a cool and fresh home with a temperature that is just right. The temperature sensor on DEFT ensures calculate the ideal temperature and sets it accordingly.

Home automation is an additional upgrade to the decor of the home and a handy partner in hosting cool house parties. All in all, DEFT is the best home automation for women.

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