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Gas/Smoke Leak Sensor: Home Automation

test - February 26, 2021 - 0 comments

The Gas/Smoke leak sensor is definitely going to be an invisible shield of your house as well as your commercial places.

About Homeone's Smoke/Gas Leak Sensor

gas/smoke sensor

This Gas/Smoke Leak sensor is extremely important and critical safety equipment for household kitchens and canteens as it helps in detecting explosive gases which may not be smelled by a human or detect the presence of toxic gases in the air.

This sensor also detects Carbon Monoxide gas, Methane gas, Butane gas, LPG gas, and Smoke.

It comes with two variants, one is based on Zigbee technology with a range of 60 m and the other is based on a Wi-FI module whose range depends on your router speed.

The important feature of our Gas/Smoke Leak sensor is if there is any Gas leakage around the sensor, then this sensor immediately detects it and within a second it sends ‘Notification Alert‘ on your Smartphone and also it has an inbuilt siren, which blows as soon as there is any Gas leakage to aware surrounding people and neighbors.

Why we need a gas/smoke sensor:-

house burst

There’s research that says ‘there are more than 1 lakhs incidents of gas leak accidents happens every year in India. In this, more than 5 lakhs of innocent people lost their lives and uncountable people got injured.

Gas leaks mainly causing at Household places and Hotel/Restaurant Kitchens. The reasons for this can always be traced down to negligence, improper handling, and a lack of training or readiness to respond to an emergency situation.

And the most important thing is, ‘Some of these incidents wouldn’t happen if there is a Gas/Smoke Leak Sensor’
Gas leaks have terrible effects, no matter what the scale, but we still seem to take this issue so lightly.

Government Authorities are making it mandatory to use Gas Leak Detectors for LPG  gas or PNG used in the kitchen of Hotels and restaurants. At some commercial buildings, they are being used in underground parking to protect from leakage from CNG cylinders used in four-wheeler vehicles.

Why to chose our Products?

  • Manufacturer: We have an in-house manufacturing unit and design and develop all the products.
  • 24×7 Customer Service: No matter what your issue, we’re available for your support.
  • 5 Years Warranty: Yes! We give no questions asked 5 years guarantee on our products.
  • Customization: Whatever your product requirements are we will customize it for you, Simply let us know.
  • APP Control: Control all appliances via. our single application according to product categories like DEFT or WIFINITY.
  • Electricity Monitor: Our app monitors your daily/weekly/monthly electricity sage and notifies you.

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Check out our unboxing video of Gas/Smoke Leak Sensor:

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