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Homeone Switch Controllers: Home Automation

test - February 26, 2021 - 0 comments

Homeone Switch Controllers are the endpoints/actuators which interact with regular switches and appliances. Switches contain universal dimmers that support dimming the devices like Lights & fans

These switches work on ZigBee and WI-FI technology, within a range of 60m, And they can be controlled from anywhere around the world using our application.

Switches operate in a dimming range from 1W to 500W & maximum power capacity of 6500W.

Homeone technologies manufacture four different variants of switches:

  • 5 Switch Controller
  • 3 Switch Controller
  • 2 Switch Controller
  • Mono Switch Controller

1) 5 Switch Controller:

5 switch Controller

5 switch controllers are the multi-purpose controller that supports a maximum of 4 dimmable appliances with 1 ON/OFF button.

They are highly customizable switches that can be used to control 2 Fan regulators(with 5-level of speed) or 4 dimmable Light appliances, And you can customize according to your need.

Living room and office places are the best places to use 5 switch Controllers.

2) 3 Switch Controller:

3 switch controllers support all 3 dimmable appliances, And it comes with 1 Fan regulator(with 5-level-speed) & 2 dimmable or normal ON/OFF appliances.

Bedrooms or Small rooms are the best places to use 3 switch controllers

3 switch Controller

3) 2 Switch Controller:

2 switch Controller

2 switch controllers have 2 dimmable appliances, And it comes with 1 Fan regulator(with 5-level-speed) & 1 dimmable or normal ON/OFF appliances.

2 switches are mostly used in Washroom & Small rooms.

4) Mono/Power Switch Controller:

Click here to know more about Mono Switch.

Why choose Homeone Switch controllers?

  • We provide customization of our products according to your need.
  • Using our application, you can easily control everything from your Smartphone.
  • Homeone Technologies provide you a warranty of up to 5 years and excellent 24/7 customer support
  • We proudly support the ‘Make in India’ initiative and our manufacturing unit is completely based in India.
  • It works with your Existing Switches, no need for any wear & tear and it hides inside the switchboard, which can be installed by any electrician.

Check out our unboxing video of  Switch Controllers:

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