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Curtain Controller : Home automation

test - March 1, 2021 - 0 comments

Waking Up

Just imagine, you are waking up from deep sleep in the morning with natural fresh sunlight instead of that loud noisy alarm and window curtains are automatically opening instead of turning on the AC to maintain room temperature.

How fascinating it is, Right?

well, it can be possible only because of Smart Curtains.!!

The definition of Smart Home Automation is changing rapidly from time to time, few years ago it was just limited to automatically turning ON/OFF lights and fans.

Now, we can’t even imagine what’s going to be included in smart home automation like changing TV channels or temp. of AC using our smartphones or using Voice commands like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

And, of course, Automatically operating Curtains.

What is the Smart Curtain Controller:

Smart Curtain Controller is a curtain that can be controlled by using our Smartphone or Tab, as well as it should be operated with our Voice command using Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

About Homeone's  Curtain Controller:

We Homeone Technologies manufactures two types of Curtain Controllers, first one is Sliding Curtain and other is Rolling Curtain.

Sliding Curtain

Sliding Curtain Example:


Rolling Curtain Example:

This both type of Curtains comes with two variants, one is Zigbee based which has a range of 40 m and other is WIFI based whos range depends on Router.

Features of Homeone's Curtain Controllers

  • Technology (Wireless): ZigBee/ WiFi
  • Power Rating: 230V
  • Variants: Sliding/ Rolling
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Touch Switches included to Open/Close

Benefits of Smart Home Curtain Controllers

  • Energy Saving: Suppose the room temperature increases than the required temperature, so instead of turning on AC, it will simply open the curtains. In this way, you can save much more on electricity bills.
  • Convenience: Our Smart Home products can easily sync with other smart devices, so it’s convenient for you to control everything using our application.
  • Safety: These curtains can sync with our Gas/Smoke Leak Sensor and if it detects any Gas/Smoke, it’ll automatically open the curtains to through away the Gas.
  • Security: ‘Empty house is the best place to steal for thieves’, Even if you are out of town for few days, still you can operate your curtains from outside to pretend someone’s always present in the house.
  • Scheduling: You can schedule everything according to your convenience. so you’ll get natural Sun light and fresh air from time to time.
  • Easy Installation: Anybody with the help of our ‘Support over call’ can easily install this curtain controller.

Why to chose our Products?

  • Manufacturer: We have an in-house manufacturing unit and design and develop all the products.
  • 24×7 Customer Service: No matter what your issue, we’re available for your support.
  • 5 Years Warranty: Yes! We give no questions asked 5 years guarantee on our products.
  • Customization: Whatever your product requirements are we will customize it for you, Simply let us know.
  • APP Control: Control all appliances via. our single application according to product categories like DEFT or WIFINITY.
  • Electricity Monitor: Our app monitors your daily/weekly/monthly electricity sage and notifies you.

Get it Now.!!

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