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The Stand Alone Motion Sensor

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A Stand Alone motion sensor does as it suggests, it detects motion and movement in an area.

motion sensor on/offThis Motion Sensor can sense movement and take action like a switch that is turned Off or On by motion and which can control any device connected to it.

We can connect a Bulb or a Hooter to this motion sensor.

How Stand Alone Motion Sensor Works?

This type of motion sensor detects changes in infrared radiation, also known as heat, emitted by any Human Body. It contains a thin layer of pyroelectric material and two slots, which is what reacts to the IR radiation.

The sensor remains idle while both slots are detecting the same amount of radiation. When a person or large enough animal walks through the covered area, it creates a disturbance between the two slots. These disturbances are what trigger the sensor. These Sensors will go off only at certain heat levels, so small fluctuations don’t cause to trigger the sensor

So it prevents false alarms detected by small bodies.

About HomeOne's Stand Alone Motion Sensor:

The motion sensor is a fully automatic indoor security/courtesy light controller capable of controlling up to 1600W. At night, the built-in passive infrared (Pa-PIR) motion sensor turns on the connected lighting system when it detects motion in its coverage area. During the day, the built-in photocell sensor saves electricity by deactivating the lights.



The Motion Sensor can detect the Thermal heat released by the human body. The light or any other electrical appliance can be activated automatically by the active presence of a human body within the detection range/ coverage area when there is no active human presence the light will deactivate automatically. An adjustable time lets you select how long the light stays on after activation. Hence a considerable amount Of electricity cost is saved by Motion Sensor.

Specification of HomeOne's Standalone Motion Sensor:

  • Detection Range: The detection range of this product is 12m.
  • Power Rating: It works on 230 V (Alternative Current).
  • Sensor:  It senses Light and Motion.
  • Dimension: 50 mm radius & 40 mm height and weight 200gm.
  • Operating Temperature: Working temperature of this sensor is -25`C to 60`C.
  • Installation Method: On ceiling and wall mounting.

Why to chose our Products?

  • Manufacturer: We have an in-house manufacturing unit and design and develop all the products.
  • 24×7 Customer Service: No matter what your issue, we’re available for your support.
  • 5 Years Warranty: Yes! We give no questions asked 5 years guarantee on our products.
  • Customization: Whatever your product requirements are we will customize it for you, Simply let us know.
  • APP Control: Control all appliances via. our single application according to product categories like DEFT or WIFINITY.
  • Electricity Monitor: Our app monitors your daily/weekly/monthly electricity sage and notifies you.

Get it Now.!!

Check out our unboxing video of Stand Alone Motion Sensor

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