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LED Strip Controller: Home Automation

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There was a time when CFL lights, Tungsten bulbs were common everywhere in India and very few people knew about LED lights as it was not popular and costly.

Day by day, now LED bulbs are the most widely used because of their Energy Efficiency and long life span.

led strip

The LED strips are an upgraded version of LED bulbs, and very popular because they are easy to install and operate. Their flexibility is the primary reason why they are considered the most efficient lighting accessory.

Choosing an LED strip is a smart choice as it provides more brightness without producing more heat, efficiency, and durability. There are various types of LED strip lights available, whether for an office or to decorate a home.

Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any areas within your house, LED strip lights can flawlessly illuminate the space.

LED on Bunglow

Why you need an LED Strip controller?

LED controllerThere is so much to love about LED strip lights. They are an efficient, eco-friendly solution to our lighting needs. They provide a lot of customization in terms of color and size. Flexible LED light strips help you light unusual places where traditional sources of lighting simply cannot reach. And they allow you to be as creative as you want with your lighting projects.

To control these LED strips, we need an LED strip controller.

LED strip controllers control your lighting according to your Mood. It can set Timer to activate specific lighting. Also, it integrates with our ‘Smart Sensor’  to adjust lighting according to Indoor/Outdoor light.

About HomeOne's LED/WC Strip Controller:

HomeOne’s LED strip controller comes with 2 variants, first one is ZigBee based with a range of 40m and the other is WiFi based in which range is dependent on your router speed.

This LED Strip controller has a universal power rating i.e. you can connect either a 12V/2A LED strip or 24V/2A LED strip.

You can control ‘Red-Green-Blue’ lights as well as ‘Warm & Cool’ lights.

And you can operate it from any corner of the World. Even by sync it with ‘Smart Sensor’ you can create a Panic situation for an Intruder when he tries to forcefully enter your house.

Features of our LED Strip Controllers:

Powerful Wireless Capability

  • Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wifi (2.4 GHz) & 802.15.4  Zigbee access.
  • Adopts on Board antenna system to double the transmission speed.
  • Provides up to 150 Kbps, allowing users to enjoy fast IOT access to devices.
  • Has over-the-air update feature to provide value-added applications.

Retrofit Installation

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The Installation process is hassle-free & connects to the multi-sensor
  • Mounted on the ceiling.

Color Your Life

  • Mood light your home using our AI C.O.R.E engine.
  • Provides real-time updates to your smartphones as soon as LED is activated.
  • Even lighting in your home according to outside light sets your warm or cool effects using LED light.

Multi-Level Security Protection

  • Has a built-in 128bit AES encryption to prevent hacker attacks.
  • Supports multiple authentication methods, including RADIUS and HWTACACS.
  • Provides multiple secure access protocols to set up rusted secure connections and ensure data security.

Easy Deployment

  • Supports deployment using over-the-air update and has a plug-and-play feature.
  • Works with Zigbee Mesh to manage a large number of devices.
  • Supports NQA function to monitor links in real-time.

Open Service Platform

  • A Real-Time Operating system is installed, supporting secondary development.
  • Accommodates a large number of applications to expand device functions.

Technical Specification of our LED Strip Controller:

Technology(wireless):Wi-fi/ Zigbee
power rating: 12V/2A, 24V/2A
Variant: Smart Rgb Controller
Range: 100 ft (30m) with Wifi, 200 ft with Zigbee (on obstacles), 1200m inline Of sight
Colour: ScarletBlack
Variants: Led strip controller
Dimensions (w x d x h): 65mm*60mm*28mm
Weight: 50gm
Operating temperature: -25’c to 60’c
Installation method: Wall/ceiling fitting

Things you can do using LED Strip Controller:

1. Led Strip Lights for Wall Lighting

2. LED Light Strips for Backlighting in LCD Screens

3. LED Light Strips for Car Lighting

4. LED Light Strips for Holiday Lighting

5. LED Light Tapes for Stage Design Lighting

6. LED Light Strips for Staircase Lighting

7. LED Light Strips for Display Case Lighting

8. LED Lighting Strips for Commercial Shelf Lighting

9. LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

10. LED Strip Lights for Ceiling Lighting

11. LED Light Strips for Signage and Advertisement Lighting

12. LED Strip Lights for Inspection Room Lighting

13. LED Light Strips for Bike Design Lighting

14. LED Strip Lights for Party Lighting

15. LED Strip Lights for Vanity Mirror Lighting

16. LED Strip Lights for Halloween Costume Lighting

17. LED Strip Lights for Photography Lighting

18. LED Strip Lights for Under Cabinet Lighting

19. LED Strip Lights for Mood lighting in Cafes and Bars

20. LED Strip Lights for Camping and Boat Lighting

Date in Light
4 type of lights

Why to choose our Products?

  • Manufacturer: We have an in-house manufacturing unit and design and develop all the products.
  • 24×7 Customer Service: No matter what your issue, we’re available for your support.
  • 5 Years Warranty: Yes! We give no questions asked 5 years guarantee on our products.
  • Customization: Whatever your product requirements are we will customize it for you, Simply let us know.
  • APP Control: Control all appliances via. our single application according to product categories like DEFT or WIFINITY.
  • Electricity Monitor: Our app monitors your daily/weekly/monthly electricity sage and notifies you.

Get it Now.!!

Check out our unboxing video of LED Strip Controller:

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