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Smart Sensor: The Ultimate Guard of your Home

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The Smart Sensor is all-inclusive of Temperature, Light, Motion, and Occupancy Sensor giving all actionable inputs to the system to make it more intelligent.

smart sensorThis Smart Sensor comes with 2 variants, first one is ZigBee based which has a range of 60m and the second is Wi-Fi based whose’s range is dependent on your Wi-Fi router range.

It is also an integral part of the C.O.R.E. framework, providing the Engine with Sensor data throughout the day.

Powered with AI, Smart Sensor will act as your third eye giving you up to micro-level details of Environment condition & Human presence In/Out of your home.

Even you can operate everything using voice assistants like Amazon Alexa & Google Home.

Additionally, you can connect Hooter to this smart sensor for security purposes.

How to use Smart Sensor more efficiently?

  • Sync it with a Smoke/Gas Leak Sensor, so if there is any tragic incident then a smart sensor can send an alert on Smartphone, and automatically curtains will open to through away the smoke.
  • Consider you want to maintain the room temperature to 25’C, then sync it with an AC, so if the temperature goes higher/lower than 25’C it will automatically turn ON the AC till room temperature reach 25’C and after that, it’ll turn OFF the AC.
  • You can sync it with Curtain Controllers, so it will automatically open the curtains in the early morning, so you can wake up with natural sunlight instead of a loud noisy alarm.
  • You can attach a Hooter to the Smart Sensor, so it will increase the security level of your house.
  • Sync it with the RBG strip controller, so it will create a nice ambiance as soon as your entry in the house.
  • You can sync Smart Sensor with all switch controllers so that they will Turn On/Off according to rules set on the application.
Thief Alert

Places where we can install Smart Sensor?


  • You can install a Smart sensor in the bedroom to control all the light appliances according to your needs.
  • You can set rules like ‘At 6 AM, Curtains will open and AC will turn off’ & ‘All lights will go off if there is no human presence’; by this way, you can save more electricity.
  • Sync Smart sensor with a mono switch controlled Geyser, so it will automatically turn On at the scheduled time.

Living Room:

  • The Smart Sensor with Hooter is perfect for the living room, when there is any unauthorized motion detected in the room, the hooter will blow-up to aware surrounding people.
  • Smart Sensor with RGB strip controller will be like ‘A cherry on the top’ to Your Interior look of the living room.
  • It will maintain the room temperature of the living room by adjusting the temperature of the AC.


  • You can install the Smart Sensor near an entry point of the Balcony or Terrace so that if there is any suspicious activity near these places, you will get alerts on your smartphone
  • This sensor can automatically Turn On/Off the lights of the balcony and terraces according to the natural light condition.

Other Places:

Shops like Jewelry shops, Grocery shops, banks, ATMs, schools, Colleges, Hotels, Restaurants, and many more places; you can use the smart sensor at these places.

Temperature GIF

Entering room

Technical Specification of Smart Sensor:

  • Technology Used(Wireless): Wi-Fi/ ZigBee
  • Indoor Urban Range: Up to 100 ft(30m) -WiFi; Up to 200 ft(60m)- ZigBee
  • Wifi: Supported over 2.4 GHz
  • Power Rating: 230V (AC current)
  • Sensor: Light Sensor, Motion Sensor, Temperature Sensor
  • Sensor Range: 12m
  • Detection Area: Horizontal (102’C), Vertical (92’C), Detection zone: 92’C.
  • Dimensions: 50mm radius, 40 mm height
  • weight: 200 gm
  • Operating Temp: -25’C to 60’C
  • Installation Method: On Ceiling/ Wall mount

Features of Smart Sensor:

Powerful Wireless Capability

  • Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wifi (2.4 GHz) & 802.15.4  Zigbee access
  • Adopts on Board antenna system to double the transmission speed.
  • Provides up to 150 Kbps, allowing users to enjoy fast IOT access to devices.
  • Has over-the-air update feature to provide value-added applications.

Retrofit Installation

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The Installation process is hassle-free & connects to the multi-sensor
  • Mounted on the ceiling.

Live Motion Notification

  • This Smart Sensor can detect almost all kinds of movement within its range.
  • It provides real-time updates to your smartphones as soon as motion is detected.
  • Even with a minimal gesture or any speed, the movement will be easily detected.
  • It also detects the temperature of the surroundings, so you can set rules to maintain the temperature of a room.

Multi-Level Security Protection

  • Has a built-in 128bit AES encryption to prevent hacker attacks.
  • Supports multiple authentication methods, including RADIUS and HWTACACS.
  • Provides multiple secure access protocols to set up rusted secure connections and ensure data security.

Easy Deployment

  • Supports deployment using over-the-air update and has a plug-and-play feature.
  • Works with Zigbee Mesh to manage a large number of devices.
  • Supports NQA function to monitor links in real-time.

Open Service Platform

  • A Real-Time Operating system is installed, supporting secondary development.
  • Accommodates a large number of applications to expand device functions.

Why choose our Products?

  • Manufacturer: We have an in-house manufacturing unit and design and develop all the products.
  • 24×7 Customer Service: No matter what your issue, we’re available for your support.
  • 5 Years Warranty: Yes! We give no questions asked 5 years guarantee on our products.
  • Customization: Whatever your product requirements are we will customize it for you, Simply let us know.
  • APP Control: Control all appliances via. our single application according to product categories like DEFT or WIFINITY.
  • Electricity Monitor: Our app monitors your daily/weekly/monthly electricity sage and notifies you.

Get it Now.!!

Check out our unboxing video of Smart Sensor:

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