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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is converting your Home into a Future Smart Home in which you can control all the appliances like Lights, Switches & Devices from any corner of the World.

What is DEFT Technology

DEFT Technology works on Zigbee Protocol, with the range up to 90m. DEFT devices are mainly suitable for large Houses and commercial Places.

Which type of technology we use?

We use completely Wireless Zigbee Technology.

What is the Warranty Period

We provide 3-5 Years Warranty on our Products.

What is the Response Time

We will reach you within an hour.

What are the charges of Installation

Installation is Free of Cost.

How to Operate the devices?

We’ll provide you the DEFT/WIFINITY Application (both Android & IOS) according to your product range, and you can control all smart appliances from anywhere and make your home future home

What is WIFINITY Technology

WIFINITY Technology works on WI-FI modules within a range of your Router. Wifinity devices mainly suitable for 1BHK, 2BHK & small Commercial places.

Which type of Bandwidth required

We use 2.4GHz Bandwidth

How can we claim warranty?

The product can be claimed under your warranty period, due to a manufacturing defect. If your product stops working during the remaining 24 hours of your 3/5 years of the warranty period. You can make a phone call to claim warranty.

About Post Sale Support

We will provide you 24/7 support.

Is extra Wiring needed for Installation?


Here are answers to your frequently asked questions about our services, product warranty, Zigbee technology, smart appliances & many more. If you have any other queries apart from this you can reach us via email or whatsapp (Link given below)

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